Adrianna Alvarado Portfolio

Adrianna C. Alvarado is a well-known tattoo artist in Houston for the past 10 years. She’s worked with and guest spotted with some of the greatest artists in Houston and the country. Having always had a natural talent for art since she was small, she started in the tattoo industry in the suspension circuits of San Antonio but gravitated towards tattooing with her natural ability to understand technique and artwork. Her portfolio boasts thick clean lines and a great eye for colors and fine details. Specializing in Custom Tattoos most of her tattooing comes from freehand sketches she draws by hand to cater to each client on a very intimate personal level making her tattoos unique and her skills sought out. Her passion for tattooing and uplifting personality has built her a strong clientele base in Houston and the West Texas area. Any project you bring to her she tries to make it the best possible from Black and Grey, Realism, Neo-Traditional, and Script. She loves it all.